Research Interests


Understanding and treating dysfunctional behaviour (incl addictions)

The role of language in human behaviour and communications

Developmental disorders (particularly autism and Asperger’s)

Behaviour change for individuals, couples, families and groups


For all the alluring (and, yes, passionate) rhetoric of celebrities, of pressure groups and of parts of the media, the nation’s mental health appears to be worsening, not improving!
For all their good intentions, celebrity-led campaigns around mental health have actually fuelled, not fixed, a crisis of epic proportions.

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Practical help to get the most from your brain whatever the challenge

I have worked as a teacher, a lecturer, an addiction therapist (in both private practice and the NHS), an executive coach, and a Resilience Consultant.

These roles may sound worlds apart, but in all of them the parts played by brain and language development are all important. The focus of my work is on the way brain development and the use of language affect an individual’s behaviour and communications.

I base all my work on the latest scientific evidence and prioritise personally tailored, practical, advice skills and strategies above theories and models of treatment.

Now working as a Psycholinguistic Consultant, I see personal clients in Surrey and in Harley Street, London. They come for help with behavioural problems – including addictions – for help with communications problems, and for relationship counselling.

Nationwide, I also provide:-

Executive services:

Training for team building purposes

Coaching for personal career success

Educational services:

Resilience presentations for conferences and for individual schools

Resilience training for staff, parents and students

I have proven success in helping develop more:

responsive minds, integrated teams, resourceful students;

and in creating much greater resilience and happiness for all.

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